Adsense Approval for new blog and site 2017


I am Muhammad Bilal from Pakistan.Many people ask me about adsense approval.Because everyone want to get adsense revenue for their site.Adsense is first choice of every person who have a site.So if you want to get Adsense then there is some General and simple rules to get adsense.

What is adsense?

Adsense is a revenue site.where you can monetize your site and get payments when visitors visit your site. Adsense pay after $100. And it pays monthly to monthly. Adsense pay through Payoneer, Western Union. Adsense is running through many years and also pay. It is trusted site on which you can trust. Bought Traffic is not good for your adsense.Your adsense can be banned or Disabled. Because they don’t use safe way to give you traffic.There is much more click invalidity in that traffic which can harm you.

Hosted and Non-Hosted?

Hosted adsense is that which only accept partners websites of google like, etc.
Non-Hosted is that which can operate on any website like .com, .org, .uk, .sus, .tk etc

How to get adsense approval?

So here is the main part of adsense approval tips and tricks which will help you to get adsense.It will also help you in your site’s SEO.Because everyone need traffic to generate Revenue and get handsome follow these rules to get Adsense.

More Accepted Niches in Adsense

Adsense accept some niche so quick.Because those nich play important role in Internet.And you should choose tha nich in which you have been interested.
Some viral niches for ADSENSE
Make Money Online
Blogging Tutorials
Web Development (courses and tutorials)
I.T Information
Online Shopping
Online Dating

Original Articles

So if you want to get adsense for your site and want to get real traffic from etc.So you should be real and you should write real articles for your site.If you copy paste other‘s articles then google will find your pasted article.Then they will not index your articles and you will not get adsense.So write only real articles and post it with your name on your site……

Necessary pages

Some pages are so necessary for adsense approval. Here is that pages
About Us

Sufficient Articles

Adsense also need sufficient articles to be approved.It’s need minimum 30 articles to get approval.More articles should be minimum 1000 words.Because long articles get approval so fast.So you should follow this rule to get adsense….


Traffic is also necessary for adsense approval.Because adsense’s policy also include traffic to give approval.So if you write original articles then you will automatically get real traffic and your site will get adsense fast.So you need minimum 1000 page views daily to get adsense.

Simple Site/Blog Design

Simple Site or blog designs play an important role in adesense aproval.So your site or blog Design should be simple and good.It;s should be responsive and fast working.If you use a complicated design then your user will feel anxiety and he will report your site.`
And your site should be fast reloading.Because Adsense does not accept slow loading sites.So do not put any other ads or much more gadgets.Much more gadgets make sites slow and steadity which is not good for adsense approval.

A Better Domain

If you can buy a good domain then it will good for you. .COM and like this some others domain are best for adsense approval.Buy a domain and attach it with your blog or if you have site then it is so good.there is some companies that offer free domains like .tk etc. But I recommend a high quality domain to attach with your blog.


Your location also plays an important role in adsense approval process.If you are present in some ASIAN countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc then your adsense will take much more time to be approved.USA, UK or like this countries have good place in adsense so you will get fast approval if you use these locations.otherwise your site should be much more old like 6 months to 1 year.

High Quality Articles

So high quality articles are your best base for site SEO and Adsense approval. So make high quality articles and make them able to attract people.If you have low quality then your site will not be approved by google.It’s also about your Niche. If you have your interesting niche then you can write best and high quality articles.

Web Master Tools,, also offers anyone to submit their site to these search engines.If you submit your site to the google web master tool then it will be better for you and also for adsense approval.Because google will consider you as a responsible publisher because you are tracking your traffic by Google Analytics and index your site into web master tool.

Note: your site should be 1 to 2 months old to get approved by adsense.



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